Organising Your Wardrobe with Lana Wilkinson

I always find it so much easier to get dressed in the morning when my wardrobe is organised. I don’t know about you but if I can’t see all of my options, I just end up just wearing the same items on repeat! When you can easily see the contents of your wardrobe you’ll instantly feel as if you have more clothes and more outfit opportunities. So set aside a few hours to the task of reorganising as I guarantee you’ll find treasures that you forgot you ever owned!


1. Take the time to do a clothing refresh

Give yourself enough time to do a complete sort through your wardrobe. Look at what makes you excited and what you haven’t worn in a long time and be brutal about whether you’re going to wear these items again or whether they’re just collecting dust.

Keep classic pieces that never go out of style (such as a blazer and a good pair of denim) and get rid of things that don’t fit you anymore or are out of style. 

If you are purchasing new items online make sure that you can picture three outfits that you can wear the piece with. This will ensure that the item is wearable, versatile and won’t just go to waste.

2. Buy hangers that are all the same shape and size

This may seem like a pointless tip, but you’ll soon realise how much bulk and distraction your hangers can cause in your wardrobe. I find it so much easier to fit pieces in together when they are on uniform hangers. This will also help to make your wardrobe instantly look more organised. Another tip that improves the look of your clothes instantly is to make sure that your hangers are all facing in the same direction.

3. Sort according to “category”

In order to give myself more time in the morning, I like to organise the pieces in my wardrobe by category so that I can find items easily and coordinate outfits quickly. For example, I usually divide by coats, jackets, shirts, t shirts, pants, shorts, skirts and then dresses. You can use any kind of method to separate them, so experiment and find the system that works for you.

4. Shoe racks!

I’m always tell Lana Wilkinson customers and friends to keep your shoes in a dry and ventilated environment to prevent damage to their leather shoes. 

I have built in shelves that house my (extensive!) shoe collection, however I always encourage those who don’t to buy portable shelves or racks that hang off the side of the door. There are so many cheap and great looking shelves that you can purchase easily to make your shoes look instantly neater. Ikea, Kmart and Bunnings all have affordable options to achieve this look. 

5. Jewellery Trays 

Sometimes jewellery can easily come under the “out of sight, out of mind” section of our wardrobes. For this reason, I like to keep all of my jewellery in clear trays so that I can immediately see the items I own, without having to sort through piles of tangled chains and mismatched earrings. 

6. Keep or Buy Dust Bags for your handbags

Not everyone has the space in their wardrobe to keep big boxes to store their handbags in, so I like to keep all of my handbags and clutches stored flat and in their dust bag. To help keep the shape of your bag when it’s not in use, you can stuff it with tissue paper or anything you have lying around to maintain its shape.