Office Proud with Officeworks.

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Super styling my office is not something I thought I would be doing anytime soon. I love clean lines and lots of white, but my job keeps me very busy with my clients, that between work and my family, I don’t really take the time to shop or style my own office space. I absolutely love my job and the opportunities it brings, but sometimes you have to put yourself second.

This extends to my office space. I meet and fit with my clients in this space, so ensuring it looks organised, reflects my personal style and presents well is very important. Perception is reality. And I’ll admit, I have expensive taste when it comes to interiors, which can be hazardous to my bank account.

Enter Officeworks and highly-regarded interior architect David Flack of Flack Studio who together, assure me that they can overhaul my office without spending a fortune. After discussion about the style I like and what I do when I’m in the office, David curated his favourite Officeworks’ pieces to create a stylish work space I could be proud of.

Here’s how it panned out…

David curated some key pieces from the Officeworks collection to marry both style and function. I definitely needed some assistance in this area, as I often found my desk didn’t allow space to plan and make notes.  He also listened when I spoke about my work life;  including items like a  reading lamp and storage boxes.  I often sit on my laptop until late at night and read over briefs for upcoming jobs, so these items were a great addition. He was able to achieve my luxe for less office space within a $1,000 budget. All the while, including some personal touches, like my leopard heels!

In a couple of words, I love it. It is clean and organised. I am so grateful to Officeworks and David for their help, I feel really proud to work in this space. Which is important when I spend the majority of my time in this room.


Moleskine Cahier large plain notebook – set of 3 $20.55 RRP

 X 2 High A4 landscape drawers – acrylic clear $36.99 RRP

Hummingbird Fresno executive medium chair – camel $119.00 RRP

Venturo 3 drawer pedestal – white $158.00 RRP

 Liteworks Nash desk lamp – chrome $95.00 RRP

Contour Loop Leg Desk – white and chrome $149.00 RRP

If you love what David has created for me and would love to adopt it for your own space, below he shares his tips and styling guide, so you too can be proud of your workspace.


  1. Select furniture to represent your brand. This makes a big contribution to creating the character of your office environment. It goes without saying that it needs to be practical, but injecting a little bit of fun or luxury will be an enjoyable point of difference. Opt for quality that can withstand the day-in, day-out of office activity – this doesn’t always mean an expensive price tag though.
  2. Cohesion is what keeps a business and a workspace humming along. Aligning all your stationery and accessories to a colour group or style range ensures that your office looks uncluttered, organised and inviting.
  3. Always consider texture. Select practical, simple and durable finishes. Layer different textures to create warmth and visual interest: not everything has to match.
  4. Lighting makes a big impact on the feel of a room. Adequate task lighting is essential, but overly bright spaces can be an assault on the senses. Wherever possible, let natural light in to create a balanced ambiance.
  5. Keep it simple. Reduce the amount of ideas you have for your space – pick the best one and stick to it. A singular vision with repetition is often most effective.
  6. It’s all in the detail. Small, nuanced touches like indoor plants or fresh flowers, a scented candle, stacks of beautiful books, and sculptural objects bring personality and liveliness to an office environment.


If you’re looking for more office inspiration for your own space, look no further than Officeworks  or check out  their ideas for a beautiful work space here.

Happy shopping!