Damselfly has been a favourite accessory go-to of mine, for as long as I can remember. I was first introduced to designer Christianna Heideman, through a mutual friend back in 2005. Back then  I was working in sales and marketing at Foxtel. How times have changed!

Christianna’s love for the aesthetically rich and otherwordly began at 19 with the creation of Damselfly. Over the past 13 years, Damselfly has been acclaimed and respected by Australia’s leading fashion houses for it’s intuitive vision, innovate designs and trend changing creations in jewellery and accessories. After a brief sabbatical,  Damselfly has been reinvented..

Taking inspiration from the beauty of everyday, Christianna’s design now leads us into the treasures of home wares and beyond. The beautifully mad ones, the creative chaotic ones, all those burdened with the visions of perfection, is where the passion for Damselfly lives.

So when my old friend asked me to style the latest Damselfly campaign ‘Stones Made of Stars’ , how could I resist? With a fabulous team to boot, Damselfly is well and truly back with a vengeance.

With special thanks to KissKill Lingerie, OneDay Bridal , Ace of Something and Triangl for the fabulous clothes to play with and to the A-Team!

Photographer: Lyndel Yeo of 35mm Photography

Hair & Make Up: Mae Taylor

Model: Natascha Elisa


DamselflyHR_I6A4218Damselfly_by35mmHR_I6A3901Damselfly_by35mmHR_I6A3646Damselfly_by35mm HR_I6A3786Damselfly_by35mmHR_I6A3948Damselfly_by35mmHR_I6A4248Damselfly_by35mm

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  1. Absolutely love this work. The picture with the Gold hands has become a huge part of my mood board inspiration for this year. Beautiful work xo

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